The Initial Phone Call:

When you call to make an appointment, we will have a brief conversation about your issues, brainstorming what kinds of foods or environmental influences might be a problem. We will talk about what to bring to your session. I will ask you to wear a white or tan top, so that the muscle testing has less chance of being influenced by color.


What to Bring: I will often suggest samples of things you should bring to the session: your drinking water(s), supplements, any of your common dietary items that might not be in my test kit. The test kit has many food items in dried form, including dairy products, most grains, other common offenders, a selection of sugars, fruits, vegetables and more. The kit also has some possible environmental offenders like dust, mold, cat and dog hair. You may package and bring for testing as many items as you like. I can test through glass or plastic packaging; anything in metal will need to be opened. I get a more accurate test of single ingredients, but we can often get useful information from items with multiple ingredients.


About Your Session:  In a typical muscle testing session I will begin by asking about your symptoms and concerns. This information helps me to focus your session, testing organs and alarm points that relate to your issues.


Usually, especially if you haven’t done a lot of muscle testing, this will be followed by a demonstration of muscle testing, so that you can experience the difference between a “weak” (absence of current) and “strong” (energized) muscle. I will show you how we use the principle of circuitry to “localize” testing sites, which enables us to use any healthy muscle as our indicator. (This method is key to the success of testing infants and small children.)


The testing and discussion of results can take a variable amount of time, but most usually we’ll spend about an hour together. If more than one member of a family is tested at the same time, the time can be less than an hour each. Parent and child often share similar problems, which reduces discussion time.


Follow-up: I welcome questions after the session through phone calls or email. If we discover an item or two that we would like to test that we don’t have on hand, I’ll make time for brief follow-up testing. This service is included in your session fee.

Your Muscle Testing Session