Out of a very large number of excellent online resources on homeopathy, here are links to just a handful of my favorites for people relatively new to homeopathy:


Homeopathic Educational Services 

HES carries a wide range of books, remedies, and remedy kits, They also feature a selection of articles about research on the effectiveness of homeopathy.


National Center for Homeopathy 

One great feature of the NCH website is video recordings of an excellent ongoing webinar series teaching homeopathic home care: The Homeopathy Academy for Moms.  Other features include research summaries, an excellent email newsletter (you can check out the archive before you sign up to receive it).  Join NCH to receive their monthly magazine, Homeopathy Today, and to get access to their library of recorded video and audio sessions with outstanding homeopaths.


Hahnemann Lab

If you don’t have local access to a remedy you want, you can order it online from numerous reliable sources. Hahnemann Lab is my usual “go-to” source. Good service, conscientious production standards, and good delivery time to our Northcoast locations.


There are so many good home care homeopathy books on the market! With a good book or two and access to the most common remedies (either in the form of a home remedy kit or off-the-shelf at your local market or health food store), you can get good results in many home care situations. Here are a couple of my favorite home care books:


Dana Ullman, Homeopathic Medicine for Children, is my favorite beginner’s book —works for adults too! The section in the back describing the most common remedies is well written, and helps you to form a good picture of the remedy you’re thinking of using.


Robert Ullman and Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, Homeopathic Self-Care, is my other favorite beginner’s book. While it doesn’t have the lovely remedy descriptions of Dana’s book, it does have wonderful “at a glance” remedy comparison charts for the different conditions.


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