Arnica montana

My Homeopathic Practice


I practice classical Hahnemannian homeopathy. That means:


1. I choose for you one energetic remedy at a time.


2. I choose the remedy to match the detailed symptoms of your whole person with the detailed symptoms associated with a plant, animal, or mineral substance.


3. The remedy is given in the smallest effective dose, matched to your sensitivity and needs.

I was trained orignially as a counselor, and listen from the heart to the expressions of mind and emotion as well as to the body, which speaks in the language of symptoms.



On Remedies and Their Use


I use mostly highly diluted remedies based on natural substances. They are prepared in a special process of serial dilutions to bring out their energetic properties, while eliminating physical toxins.


Energetic remedies help your body to create the most effective response to the challenges you’re facing. The remedy “jump starts” your own ability to heal. It relies on your body’s own elegant chemistry, rather than on external chemicals.


The remedies I use are gentle, non-toxic, and FDA approved. They can be used in conjunction with conventional treatments, as well as with herbs and acupuncture.


I especially enjoy the challenge of working on chronic health issues that conventional medicine does not deal well with. I enjoy working with children as well as with adults of all ages.


If you’re interested in checking out some of the research on homeopathic treatment, you can start with some of the links on my Resources page.

Mind and Body


The mind and body are not separate!

The stresses—the challenges—we face wreak havoc on mind and body alike.


I enjoy working with problems of mood and with behavior problems of children. In working with these issues, I consider the physical symptoms and characteristics of the person as well as the mental and behavioral picture. And in working with a physical problem, I also take into account the mental state.