How Muscle Testing Works


Muscle testing is a diagnostic tool for identifying imbalances in the circulation of energy in the body. The muscle test looks at the presence or absence of energy—electrical energy—in various parts of the body. Many people have experienced muscle testing in the chiropractor’s office. Chiropractors use it to locate precisely where muscles are out of balance and bones out of alignment.


Muscle testing can be used to test for absence of energy not just in muscles and bones, but also in organs, acupuncture points and more. A “weak” muscle test shows the absence of energy in the location being tested. Results of muscle testing correlate strongly to results of the “bells and whistles” approach using a probe and fine-tuned meter to look at tiny electrical charges in the body.


Each muscle needs a micro-charge of electricity to work properly. In the absence of this tiny current it will be “mushy,” lacking in its usual firm tone. Using the principle of circuits, we connect an indicator muscle to various locations. We can compare the tone (firm or mushy) of the muscle in the clear to its tone in the presence of the suspected toxin.


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What can affect a muscle test? Anything that affects you! Including:


  • Foods

  • Chemicals

  • Dust, molds, animal dander

  • Electromagnetic radiation (EMR)

  • Sounds, music

  • Smells

  • Light

  • Color

  • Emotion

  • Treatments


We are exposed to so many influences, all at once! The skilled muscle testing practitioner helps you to tease out which of these influences are harmful to your particular body, and which may be helpful.