Safe and Effective Healing From the Natural World

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The natural world offers us healing presences. Every piece of creation around us has a different energy, and impacts us differently. A redwood tree affects us differently than a rose or a granite boulder; the Pacific Ocean affects us differently than a quiet pond. All of these affect our moods, our thoughts, and even our chemistries, each in its own unique way.
Small wonder that remedies made from the natural world--plant, animal, mineral substances--can affect us deeply! Homeopathy uses the energetic powers of the natural world to jump start our systems of body and mind into increased health and wellbeing.

What is Homeopathy? How Does it Work?


It shouldn’t surprise us that homeopathic remedies made from parts of the natural world (mostly plants, animal substances and mineral substances) can transform our moods, our thoughts and our internal chemistries—and thereby our physical and emotional symptoms.  Each remedy, each natural substance, has a particular pattern of effects. Each remedy’s pattern can be seen as a “message” that speaks to specific forms of disorder and imbalance.


Remedies are prepared in a process of serial dilutions that brings out their “message.” The message encoded in a remedy chosen according to your needs can put you on the path to healing. The body is prompted by the influence of the remedy to do the best possible job of responding to the challenges you face.


When your needs—as expressed by your very individual symptom pattern—are accurately matched to the symptoms associated with a particular remedy, that remedy has great potential to promote internal order and harmony. This is drug-free natural healing at its best, as you are prompted by the influence of the remedy to use your own internal chemistries to best effect.


The strengths of homeopathy make it uniquely suited to the complex stress-related conditions of our age. It is an “evidence-based” therapy, founded on carefully recorded observations of the effects of its remedies over the course of more than two centuries. Its remedies are substances from the natural world that we co-evolved with. It works through the power of inner cellular processes that evolved in our ancestors over millions of years. And its healing power targets the whole of our complex nature—mind, body, and spirit.



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