Bach Flower Remedies


Bach Flower Remedies are energetic remedies for the emotions; they are simple, non-toxic—and powerful. Emotions are at the root of many problems. I have been working with these remedies for forty years, and continue to be amazed by their potential for fostering emotional balance and setting healing in motion.


Flower remedies are not homeopathic, in that there is no record of symptoms produced in healthy people. Their qualities were discovered intuitively by Dr. Edward Bach. They are given based on intuition and experience of emotional mindsets as described by Bach and others. They work well with adults, infants and children, animals, and even plants. The most well-known of the flower remedies, Rescue Remedy, is a brilliant combination based on five of the thirty-eight remedies discovered by Bach. It is useful for both physical and emotional trauma. Every household should have Rescue Remedy on the shelf for big and little wounds to body and heart.


I sometimes use flower remedies as a stand-alone approach to problems. Other times, I use flower remedies as the first move in a case, to help open someone to the prospect of healing.


If you would like to know more about these remedies, I recommend starting with Bach’s little booklet The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies, reprinted in The Bach Flower Remedies, three works in one volume by Edward Bach and FJ Wheeler. Bach’s brief, incisive descriptions and his unique and insightful set of emotional categories sometimes poke gentle fun at our foibles in a dry tongue-in-cheek style. 

Star of Bethlehem


Star of Bethlehem is given for the shock of loss, and is one of the five remedies that constitute Rescue Remedy.I