Gail Eastwood, homeopath

About Me


Originally trained as a counselor, I have had a longtime interest in how people change. Listening from the heart is the foundation of my practice.


I started my study of muscle testing at the Biokinesiology Institute in 1979, and have used it in practice for over 30 years, with a focus on food and environmental intolerances. I enjoy the detective work of helping people to figure out what food or environmental influence might be causing them problems. As the mother of a baby who spent the first year of his life in a great deal of pain--without me knowing what to do about it--it is always a joy to me to help infants. A happy baby lets the mother sleep and makes the whole family happier.


My practice of muscle testing sharpened my awareness of and interest in unseen energies, and deepened my longstanding interest in homeopathy. In 2001, I began an intensive study of homeopathy. I went “back to school” with the British Institute of Homeopathy, earning my diploma in March 2004. Since that time, I have been in practice at Dancing Cranes Healing Arts Center in Garberville, California. I love my work!


I live in the coastal hills of Humboldt County in northern California. My husband and I keep dairy goats and a small flock of chickens, and  grow a lot of the fruits and vegetables we eat. I teach mindfulness at our local elementary school. Forest-dwellers with a view of the far horizon (beyond which lies the ocean), we tend the health of our forest with loving care.