Gail Eastwood, homeopath


Welcome to my healing arts practice!   I offer:


  • Homeopathy for physical and emotional problems

  • Muscle testing for food and environmental intolerance

  • Guidance on removing physical and mental obstacles to healing

  • Bach flower remedies for emotional support

My practice is aimed at liberating your amazing inner resources for self-healing. Symptoms are your body's way of pointing out the path to healing. Let me help you on this journey.


In the pages of this site you’ll find information about me and about my practice, as well as articles about self-care and some links to other resources that might interest you.


My office faces the Town Square in Garberville, California--the hub of Southern Humboldt:

Dancing Cranes Healing Arts

754 Locust #4


Questions? Want to make an appointment? Call me at my home office 10AM-8PM: 707-923-9109. Or leave a message at 707-223-4389. Use the contact form to send me email.



"I can not thank Gail Eastwood and her professional, kind and intuitive work enough! She brought understanding and light to the treatment of Tourettes Syndrome for my young granddaughter. Using Gail's diet recommendations and homeopathic treatments, we were able to end my granddaughter’s symptoms. I will be forever grateful, and refer others to her always!"

         - Lily Aquarian, local community midwife


"Gail--I was greatly helped by the two remedies recommended to me by you, after a very interesting and thorough personal interview.  The first was successful in relieving overwhelm and anxiety created by my medical situation.  The second helped fabulously with [post-op] anxiety and pain, allowing me to use less pain medication and feeling less fragile."

          -Linda Hurlbutt, Reiki practitioner


“The incredible adjustment in attitude and behavior that can be obtained from the right remedy makes homeopathy the number one “mother’s little helper” that all parents should turn to.”

        -Sarah Clarke, mother of two

"Gail is a very accepting, discerning, and supportive person--even the diagnostic interview is a healing event. I’ve seen her over the years for both acute and chronic problems. Two examples:

-After whooping cough, I was in bed most of the day for three months; sleeping upright, mono-like fatigue, too sick to drive to town. Gail came over to the house, got the right remedy on the first try, and I was up and running the next day.

-I have a pre-Macular Degeneration collection of drusa in my eyes, and my mom went blind from MD. Gail gave me a remedy against it, and my extreme light sensitivity went away promptly. In eight years the drusa have not advanced into the “early MD” stage!"   

                       -Karen Lawson, PhD,

                        retired clinical psychologist and author


“You changed my life! I feel happy, serene, sweet, like I can handle anything.”

                      -Michelle Kaufmann